Absolutely, we import quite a few motorbikes to the United Kingdom. Ranging from superbikes to supermotos.

It’s recommended choosing a company to handle your motorbike import, and we don’t say that because we are an import company.

The issue with bikes is that they will need to be stored safely somewhere during the registration process. Depending on the age your motorbike will also need to be taken for an MSVA.

We work with a plethora of experts to make sure logistically your motorbike registration is as fast as possible.

Working quite closely with dealerships we can also assist in getting most motorbikes in for any remedial work at an authorised dealership in the United Kingdom if the bike is deemed to be ‘unsafe’.

The main advantage though is the safety of your bike which can be tricky to insure without registration but at all times we store motorbikes indoors at a gated secure facility.

As a business, we have the flexibility to offer you a shipping service that can ship your motorbike either crated or uncrated to the United Kingdom.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the details about your bike and any modifications that have been done to the motorbike. This includes mirrors, lighting, taillight cluster modifications, and of course, those debaffled exhausts

We take care of everything and you simply need to come to get the bike or accept delivery of it at the end of the registration process.