If you are considering on importing a Ferrari from the UAE to the United Kingdom then we can assist. We also cover importing from mainland EU and from the rest of the world to the UK. So regardless of where your Ferrari is don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Moving onto the import process – we offer a door to door registration to ensure you don’t have to deal with much. In fact, the most you have to do is give the collection driver the keys to your Ferrari, send us any required documentation, and collect your car.

We like to keep the process as simple for you as possible, after all that’s why you are paying us and not doing it yourself.

Your vehicle is collected and delivered to our premises. If the vehicle is shipped we also take care of the safe transport of your Ferrari to the UK.

When we have the vehicle it will be modified to ensure it is compliant.

In the UK compliance is key for registration. Regardless of the testing that the vehicle will undergo – it has to conform to what the government has outlined as safe.

If it needs an IVA test then we can perform that onsite. Generally, vehicles under ten years old will have an IVA test. If the vehicle is over three years old it will also need an MOT.

Then we complete all of the DVLA applications on your behalf and await the registration number for your newly registered car.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free quote to import your Ferrari into the UK.